6 months ago

Best dentist ever!!! For the first time in my entire life i did the treatment without anesthesia! Dr. Voula is awesome lady-patient, funny, knows how to make you feel relaxed and pays attention to details. Very knowledgable and professional, she made me start feeling ok at the dentist’s after the entire life spent in hell of a fear while even thinking about it. Highly recommended!!!!



Fearful as I am of going to the dentist I was really pleased to find Dr.
Theophilou in her previous office.  Her patient explanations and answers to
my questions were very comforting.  In addition I feel I can relax (a
little), in the dentist chair because she is so attentive to any signals of
distress I display, and makes adjustments to the treatment if possible.  I
have never had any reason to doubt her up-to-date expertise or suggestions of
what work I needed done.  Essentially, Dr. Theophilou is one of the best
dentists I have ever had.

Frances, Nyon.

Oct 26, 2012 by spaetzli
I never felt comfortable going to the dentist. To be honest, I was even a bit afraid. This has changed since I come to you. Thank you Dr. Theophilou for being kind and patient and for making me feel relaxed when sitting in the patience's chair!

I am grateful for your professional advice and for the treatments you have performed which are necessary to maintain my teeth in good condition - even though it is taking a while to get used to wearing the splint!

Oct 21, 2012 by manics1984
I visited Dr. Theophilou to get a filling. I would highly recommend her work for the following three reasons.

1. No pain: I didn't feel a thing during the entire procedure.

2. No extra stress due to having to speak French: The dentist is a native English speaker from the U.K. It was wonderful to avoid the stress of trying to explain dental problems in French using vocabulary I just don't have.

3. Personality: the dentist, unlike so many of her profession, has a personality that is conducive to the creation of an atmosphere where one can actually relax while she goes about her work.

All in all an excellent service and one which I will continue to use during my time here in Geneva.

Jan 8, 2013 by Amy Soska
I had a very positive experience with Voula. She took the time to carry out a very thorough examination before offering her diagnosis. She patiently answered my questions and clearly explained everything. Rather than pushing me towards treatment, she advised me to wait, and made me fully aware of treatment options.

It was easy to make an appointment and the cost of the examination was very reasonable. I am happy recommend Voula as a trustworthy, professional and very nice dentist. She is a native English speaker.

Nov 29, 2012 by Breshna
Dr. Theophilou is an extremely nice and pleasant person and a wonderful dentist. She did a lot of dental work for me and it has been a blessing to find her as I have had bad experiences with dentist in geneva. She is very patient and takes time to explain everything, she tries to make the process as pain free as possible. Now I can say that I feel comfortable going to the dentist regularly :)


'From the first appointment, Dr. Theophilou's friendliness and professional attitude really impressed me. I have recommended her to all my friends, even to some from abroad. All my kids and my husband go to her too. She is the best!
Susanna S.
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