Telescopic Bridge Dentures

For people who have lost a lot of teeth, but whose existing teeth are in good health,there is  an alternative to having implants - the Telescopic Bridge Denture.

Not everyone wants to undergo surgical procedures, and having several implants can be prohibitive because of the cost.

The usual alternative is a removable denture, however they may feel uncomfortable to wear, may move too much while speaking or eating, or may show the metal clasps when smiling ,so one can feel a little self conscious when wearing them in public.

The Telescopic Bridge Denture is a cross between a fixed bridge and a removable denture, and it rests on your existing healthy teeth.

The advantages are several:

1.It looks like your normal teeth- there are no metal clasps on show.

2.It behaves as if it was fixed - much like a bridge, i.e. it doesn't move while you are eating or talking,however, you can remove it for cleaning, which you cannot do with a bridge.

The ability to remove it for cleaning considerably reduces the risk of tooth decay , therefore these dentures can last a very long time if properly maintained. 

3.It can be made even if you only have 3 or 4 teeth left - for example the case below  was made on just 4 teeth.


Telescopic dentures are popular in Germany, where they provide a long-term and cost-effective alternative to implants. We work with a specialist German laboratory to produce them.