Invisible adult Orthodontics


There are 3 types of invisible orthodontics we use when it is important to look your best during what can be a long course of treatment.During your consultation we will explain the pros and cons of each type and decide together which is the most appropriate and efficient one for you.


Lingual Orthodontics - 100% invisible

When you need to have your teeth straightened and aesthetics is your highest priority, lingual orthodontics allows us to carry out your treatment 100% invisibly because the appliance is bonded to the inside surfaces of your teeth.  The lingual appliance is made in a laboratory after taking impressions of your teeth and , as with all orthodontic appliances, you need to be seen regularly at monthly intervals until the desired result is achieved.

Clear Aligners

A series of custom-made removable splints are made in a laboratory aftertaking an impression of your teeth.These are worn for a minimum number of hours per day in a sequence  until the desired result is achieved.They are virtually invisible because they are transparent and , because they are also very thin, they are extremely comfortable to wear.Dr Theophilou is a certified provider of INVISALIGN clear aligner system


Tooth Coloured Ceramic Brackets and wires

In place of metal brackets and wires, we can also offer ceramic tooth coloured brackets and coated or transparent wires/filaments for a more pleasing appearance.