In cases of dental trauma , toothache,  infection or  other dental emergency,  please contact us on +41 22 347 2930 or at  +41 22 789 9000 ,we will try to fit you in  as soon as possible .

We will be closed during the month of August 2017 to prepare the move to our new surgery in Champel, and apologise for any inconvenience to you.

If your emergency occurs when we are closed during the holidays, please contact the nearest hospital department of  dentistry and stomatology  or maxillofacial surgery at the Hôpital Cantonal de Genève on 022 372 33 11, or the AMDG on 058 715 3225 for the number of the emergency dentist on call .

Please do not use email to contact us in an emergency as it is not always possible to reply to you straight away.